Cargo Charter


Our personal aviation expertise extends beyond people. We also specialise in time-critical logistics, ensuring your cargo needs are managed with the same standard of care, diligence and focus on speed.

Small, fast, safe and secure– consider our next flight courier service that will ensure your goods are transported to their destination in person. This service is best suited to small, high-value items like gemstones or documents.

Medium, fast, safe and secure– we have direct access to the global fleet of cargo aircraft of all sizes to ensure your freight is handled carefully and swiftly. This is best suited for items comparable in size to large musical instruments and tour equipment.

Large, fast, safe and secure– For much larger shipments, we can secure much larger cargo aircraft to transport your freight around the world. For especially large consignments, we can secure the world’s largest aircraft. This is best suited to animals, cars or any large equipment that is unable to be broken down.

Refrigerated and special requirements– If your goods require fast, special treatment, eg refrigeration, we can organise this on your behalf too. This is best suited to organ or food transportation.



No matter what size, shape or destination, the journey starts with a simple click of this button: